Managed Appliances

Instant security backed by proactive vendor support

What are security appliances?

Security appliances are servers delivering email or web gateway protection through a hardened operating system.

They are intended to be 'plug and play' boxes that:

  • are quick and simple to install and configure
  • provide functions that are easy to use
  • require no manual maintenance or updating

How is a managed appliance different?

A managed appliance is an appliance with a managed service. The vendor manages gateway protection for the administrator, monitoring the appliance and issuing alerts if there's a problem.

Managed appliances not only reduce daily administrative overhead and save time, but they add value in terms of system health monitoring, tracking anomalous traffic behavior and internal help desk support.

How does Sophos manage its appliances?

Sophos managed appliances, are monitored by Sophos 24/7, and protect the email and web gateway from known and unknown threats and unwanted content around the clock.

They have an intuitive 'three clicks to anywhere" management console, install and configure automatically, update protection every 5 minutes, receive alerts about problems, and are monitored by Sophos 24/7.

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