Sophos a Leader in 2011 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Data Protection

Read about the encryption market's top vendors in this latest Gartner report

The 2011 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Data Protection is the definitive tool for evaluating the best vendors in the encryption marketplace.

Your data is always in motion—encryption keeps it safe when it leaves your network. According to Gartner:

Mobile data protection products secure data on movable storage systems in notebooks, smartphones, tablets and removable media. They may also be used on desktops and servers. Buyers want common protection policies across multiple platforms, minimal support costs and proof that data is protected.

This report gives you the most comprehensive comparison of the top vendors in the vital data encryption market. And you'll see why Gartner calls us a leader.

What is a Magic Quadrant Leader?

According to Gartner:

"Leaders have products that work well for Gartner clients in small and large deployments. They have long-term road maps that follow and/or influence Gartner's vision of the developing needs of buyers in the market. Leaders make their competitors' sales staffs nervous, and force competitors' technical staffs to follow their lead. Their MDP products are well-known to clients and are frequently found on RFP shortlists. In 2011, the companies that execute strongly enough to differentiate themselves as Leaders are EPP vendors that all made MDP acquisitions."

What's in the report?

To help you find the best vendor for your encryption needs, this report:

  • Tells you which companies are the leaders of the market based on their ability to execute and completeness of vision
  • Compares the relative strengths of key vendors in the market
  • Analyzes factors affecting the future of the market
  • Breaks down each vendor's capabilities in core technology as well as the ability bring it to market and satisfy customers

Why this research is valuable for you

You'll get the independent research that shows how we can help you keep sensitive data from leaving your company without getting in the way of employee productivity.

The 2011 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Data Protection report gives you all the information you need to choose the right encryption product for today and for the future.

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