Switching to Sophos

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Replacing my existing protection is too expensive and painful

When upgrading to Sophos means switching from our competitors, we're experts in ensuring a smooth transition. Our integrated third-party software removal automatically removes old security products during Sophos deployment. Even if you're mid-way through your current license, upgrading to Sophos need not cost you anything extra.

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I only trust the experts like Symantec and McAfee

We are a recognized market leader in endpoint protection. As the clear alternative to Symantec and McAfee, Sophos is trusted by 100 million users because of our integrated approach and award-winning support.

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I can't afford to retrain my staff in a new product

Sophos's approach is simply secure – a single license integrates encryption, application and device control, email, web and endpoint protection. Miami-Dade County Public Schools chose Sophos after evaluating all the major security providers, based on "the exceptional level of service and expertise, simplified management capabilities and proactive, multi-tier protection".

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I need to spend my time and money on other priorities

Protecting today's networks means considering more than just anti-virus software: the list of priorities goes on and on. When you switch to Sophos you’ll find that we can help you with more. For instance, encryption, network access control, application and device control are all included in a single solution.

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My existing anti-virus is working just fine

Just because you haven’t seen an infection, it doesn’t mean you're safe. Today’s malware writers are in it for the money - they write targeted and invisible threats. Not all security solutions are equal: there could be viruses, spyware, adware or zero-day threats that have bypassed your existing protection.

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