Email Appliances for Small and Medium Businesses

Sophos beats IronPort and Clearswift in an independent review

Sophos scored higher than IronPort and Clearswift on ease of installation and ease of use, and blocked more spam than either challenger, making Sophos Email Appliances the clear winner in this head-to-head review.

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In this independent product review, eVision IT Labs compared three leading email appliances aimed specifically at small- and medium-sized businesses: the Clearswift MIMEsweeper 2.6, the IronPort C150, and the Sophos ES1000 Email Appliance.


"Not as intuitive…Confirming settings and reviewing policies was more complicated than it needs to be. "
Score: 7.6


"…not as elegant or as easy to use as the Sophos ES1000 … the poorest [anti-spam] of the three devices tested. "
Score: 8.0


"The Sophos ES1000 provides the best combination of security, functionality, ease of use and price. "
Score: 9.4

Sophos product is rated best overall

Sophos was rated the best email appliance product overall, coming out on top in installation and deployment, manageability and usability, and spam catch rate.

"In putting each of the appliances through their paces we found one – the Sophos ES1000 – to be changing the landscape of email appliances ... It was this forward-thinking and somewhat future-proofing approach that set the Sophos ES1000 ahead of its peers as a more valuable solution for SMBs. "

Anti-spam effectiveness

Sophos blocked more spam than either competitor, with a spam catch rate of 99.4%. Sophos’s multiple threat detection techniques, including Live Anti-Spam and Genotype® detection, deliver better protection against today’s rapidly evolving spam campaigns.

Ease of use

A highly intuitive management console, real-time security updates, and innovative managed appliance platform combine to lessen day-to-day administration and deliver greater peace of mind. The innovative policy wizard simplifies control over email traffic, including the ability to prevent leakage of confidential information outside the organization via email.

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