Data Security ToolkitSecurity Trends

  • Resources to explain data security threats
  • Security tips to share
  • Videos explaining the importance of data security

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Here's what you get:

Sophos toolkits are packed with great tools, tips, reports, datasheets and videos. This one helps you protect against data threats and gives you practical advice on how to keep your data secure, including:

  • Datasheet: Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise
  • Whitepaper: Managing BitLocker with SafeGuard Enterprise
  • Whitepaper: Don't Let Data Loss Burn a Hole in Your Budget - How to Implement a DLP Strategy
  • Video: Preventing data loss
  • Video: See the SafeGuard 6.1 launch event
  • Sophos Threatsaurus: A simple guide to understanding security threats
  • Sophos Security Threat Report: our annual flagship report from the experts at SophosLabs