Securing your Company Boundaries

The changing nature of email and web-based threats

Growing pressure on the enterprise gateway means email viruses and worms are giving way to subtler forms of malicious spam, and a rise in web-based malware.

The changing email threat

Malware-infected email has decreased as cybercriminals have found more efficient ways to get the information they want. Instead of sending the malware itself as an attachment which has to be constantly rewritten to avoid detection they spam out emails with links to websites from which viruses and other malware are inadvertently downloaded by unsuspecting visitors. For example,a spammed email in November 2006 offered free explicit images and videos, in an attempt to trick users into downloading a malicious Trojan horse.

“Up to 30 percent of companies with 500 or more staff have been infected as a result of internet surfing, while only  20-25 percent of the same companies experienced viruses and worm from emails.”
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The growing web threat

There is a low level of threat awareness among surfers, and web security within corporate networks is often overlooked. Users are inadvertently downloading spyware and unwanted applications. At the same time, employees' uncontrolled browsing is having a significant impact on productivity and network bandwidth, and the security of confidential data.

Our expert solutions

We have a range of solutions to help you meet the challenge of protecting your organization from infection and legal risk, while also meeting end user demands for performance and accessibility. Scanning billions of web pages a day, proactively discovering thousands of new malicious URLs a week, and performing round-the-clock threat analysis, SophosLabs™ delivers focused security and performance, and rapid, proactive protection against known and unknown threats.

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