BYOD Risks & Rewards

How to keep employee smartphones, laptops
and tablets secure

7 steps to a BYOD security plan

Your company’s security and BYOD can co-exist. And it starts with planning. Here’s how:

1. Identify the risk elements that BYOD introduces

  • Measure how the risk can impact your business
  • Map the risk elements to regulations, where applicable

2. Form a committee to embrace BYOD and understand the risks, including:

  • Business stakeholders
  • IT stakeholders
  • Information security stakeholders

3. Decide how to enforce policies for devices connecting to your network

  • Mobile devices (smartphones)
  • Tablets (e.g., iPad)
  • Portable computers (laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks)

4. Build a project plan to include these capabilities:

  • Remote device management
  • Application control
  • Policy compliance and audit reports
  • Data and device encryption
  • Augmenting cloud storage security
  • Wiping devices when retired
  • Revoking access to devices when end-user relationship changes from employee to guest
  • Revoking access to devices when employees are terminated by the company

5. Evaluate solutions

  • Consider the impact on your existing network
  • Consider how to enhance existing technologies prior to next step

6. Implement solutions

  • Begin with a pilot group from each of the stakeholders departments
  • Expand pilot to departments based on your organizational criteria
  • Open BYOD program to all employees

7. Periodically reassess solutions

  • Include vendors and trusted advisors
  • Look at roadmaps entering your next assessment period
  • Consider cost-saving group plans if practical

Implemented properly, a BYOD program can reduce cost while increasing productivity and revenue. As BYOD goes mainstream in IT departments, security should be front and center for users and IT administrators alike.

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