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The Truth About Wi-Fi

Watch our video to see how we checked up on Wi-Fi security around London, and learn what we found out.

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Staying safe

Many wireless networks detected rely on the outdated WEP encryption standard. As our video shows, hackers using readily available tools can crack WEP passwords in just minutes. Attackers can join networks secretly and directly attack computers or devices. They can also “sniff” your network traffic, for example to view websites you’ve visited, read your emails and capture your private information such as passwords.

You should have at a minimum on any wireless network WPA or WPA2 encryption. Even then, WPA is not enough unless you create a strong password, as this video shows.

But you can take steps to make the job of these bad guys a lot harder. To help, we've compiled our best Wi-Fi security tips to keep you safe.

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Project Warbike did not test the strength of passwords since we made no attempt to access any of them. For general tips on password security, check out our IT Security DOs and DON’Ts password quick tips and our password safety video.

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