How much data are you giving away?

Our security experts are touring major cities on a specially-equipped bicycle, scanning thousands of the Wi-Fi hotspots people connect to every day in public places and businesses. What we've found is an alarming rate of wireless insecurity.

Led by our experts James Lyne, global head of security research, and Chester Wisniewski, senior security advisor, our World of Warbiking tour intends to raise security awareness and demonstrate how many people are leaving themselves open to attacks.

Watch our videos and see the results from our Warbiking tour of cities including: London, San Francisco, Amsterdam, New York City, Las Vegas, San Diego, Sydney, and Hanoi.

Follow our security tips to keep your private data safe. And watch this space for the next Warbiking tour of a city near you.

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Keep your home and business networks safe

Are your home and business networks safe? Use these tips and tools to protect yourself.

Fine print: Keeping it legal

Detecting wireless networks requires specific practices to avoid breaking the law. Our objective was to collect general statistics about wireless security, and we did this in a non-damaging, non-invasive way that didn’t require individual sign-off. Unfortunately, cybercriminals don’t have similar ethical standards and use lots of sneaky tools to access your network. We only collected high-level data within the confines of the law to understand the general state of wireless security. Here are more details on how we collected the data in a legally responsible way.

Keeping it legal