Four Data Threats
in a Post-PC World

Managing BYOD, mobile devices, cloud storage and social networks

It's a post-PC world. Are you ready?

You’re under pressure to embrace new technologies and devices that make your users’ jobs easier. But you also need to think about what it means for your data security.

This new stage of technology offers end users greater independence and convenience than the PC. Apple CEO Tim Cook appropriately called this the “post-PC era.”

We can show you how to say “yes” to users. And we explain how to manage the challenges successfully with tips and policies you can enact in your organization.

What are the new threats?

In this new whitepaper, Four Data Threats in a Post-PC World, we explain the four major threats to protecting your data and intellectual property:
1. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
2. Mobile devices
3. Cloud storage
4. Social networks

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