Viruses, Malware
and Vulnerabilities

Stop new malware from getting into your systems with our tips and tools.

Threatsaurus: The A-Z of Computer and Data Security Threats

Whether you're an IT professional, use a computer at work, or just browse the Internet, our Threatsaurus is for you.

Exposing the Money Behind the Malware

Today’s cybercriminals are driven by one thing—money. Read this report to understand how today's cybercriminals make their payday.

BYOD Risks and Rewards

Employee-owned devices in the workplace are becoming the rule rather than the exception. Find out how to keep employee smartphones, laptops and tablets secure.

Four Data Threats in a Post-PC World

This whitepaper explains the risks of four new data threats: BYOD, mobile devices, cloud storage and social networks. And we explain how to manage the challenges successfully with tips and policies you can enact in your organization.

Endpoint Buyers Guide

We give you independent test results to answer your questions about the top endpoint vendors, including Kaspersky Lab, McAfee, Sophos, Symantec and Trend Micro.

Anatomy of an Attack 

The online version of our live event series focused on modern IT security threats.

Keep an Eye on New Exploits

Read current research on new viruses, malware and vulnerabilities. Our expert researchers at SophosLabs take a hard look at the latest threats.

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