Launch Your
Training Program

Start your own IT Security DOs and DON'Ts program

Step 6: Reinforce and repeat

Create automatic monthly reminders for yourself to send out emails and display posters to keep employees mindful of IT security.

  • Email series  Tailor our Top 10 Tips email templates to fit your brand or tone of voice. We recommend one tip per month. Keep it short and sweet. And get creative—use your own knowledge and experience to create new tips.

  • Posters  Complement your email reminders by displaying posters around the office in high-traffic areas—the break room, cafeteria, water cooler, vending machine, and maybe even in the restroom. Change them out monthly to correspond with your email tips.

  • Total engagement  Take the program to the next level. Create an online quiz to test your employees' knowledge after they've been through the program.

  • Training/HR check-in  Continue to work with human resources to make sure they make IT security training an integral part of the new hire orientation and training program.

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