Launch Your
Training Program

Start your own IT Security DOs and DON'Ts program

Step 2: Choose your tools and format

Use all or some of the materials listed. Many of the tools come in three formats: as HTML, as a PDF, and sometimes as a customizable Word document. Whatever fits your needs. Check out the entire toolkit.

  • Buy-in documents  Engage your C-level sponsor on the importance of IT security training for your employees

  • Launch email  Officially launch your employee training programs with this announcement

  • Employee presentation  Introduce your IT security training at a new hire orientation or company-wide meeting

  • Employee handbook  Top 10 Tips for protecting your company and users. Available as an online experience, a PDF or Word document

  • Password quick tips  A training handout to help your colleagues easily create strong, hard-to-guess passwords

  • Email series  Quick reminders of our Top 10 Tips to keep IT security top-of-mind

  • Poster series  Visual reminders spotlighting each of our Top 10 Tips to correspond with the email series

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