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Use this series of emails as quick monthly or quarterly reminders to your employees. Just copy and paste the text in the Word document into an email and off they go. They support the top 10 tips in the handbook and link to a supplemental 1-minute video too. Check out the sample below, and get the entire series by downloading now.

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Sample reminder email

Subject: IT Security DOs and DON’Ts – This month’s tip

[Hello team,]

Your IT security employee handbook is full of tips to help keep you, your colleagues, and our business secure. Here’s a common sense reminder that’s simple and will help keep us safe:

Don't get tricked into
giving away confidential

  • Don’t respond to emails or phone calls requesting confidential company information including employee information, financial results or company secrets
  • It’s easy for an unauthorized person to call us and pretend to be an employee or one of our business partners
  • Stay on guard to avoid falling for this scam
  • Report any suspicious activity to IT
  • And protect your personal information just as closely

Check out a short video on this month’s security tip.

Security threats are here to stay and changing constantly over time. But by following this tip and others in your IT security employee handbook you won’t accidentally put yourself and our business in a compromised position.

Take care and stay safe.
[Your name]


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