5 Password Tips for Secure Mobile Devices

How to create a safe password to keep data safe

Your mobile devices contain your contacts, banking, email and other mobile applications. Smartphones and tablets open the door to your whole life. No matter which device you use, follow these tips to keep your data safe. That way you’ll always be secure, even if your device is lost or stolen.

1. Always use a password. Otherwise, if someone gets a hold of your device, the person has immediate access to your apps and data.

2. Make your password difficult to guess. Passwords such as 1234 or 2580 can be cracked in seconds. Go for something that’s unique but easy for you to remember. Avoid dictionary words.

3. Longer is stronger. The longer the password, the harder it is to crack. Make yours a minimum of six digits.

4. Mix numbers and letters. If your device allows it, use a password that combines numbers, letters and punctuation.

5. Make it unique. Don’t use the same password for anything else, including other devices, bank cards or online accounts such as your email or Facebook. So if one password gets hacked the rest stay secure.

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Video: Creating Safe Passwords

This short video provides some useful tips on how to create strong, safe passwords.