Stop Spam

Protecting your network against spam is a challenge. Ninety percent of the spam that’s sent today gets through traditional spam defenses as spammers are continually changing their techniques. This means the defense measures you implemented six months ago may no longer be effective. You need an anti-spam solution that eliminates new and existing spam without slowing down your network.

We can help you stay on top of spam with:

  • Real-time information that keeps your protection up to date. We automatically update your anti-spam with the latest data as soon as we spot new threats.
  • Inbound and outbound blocking so you not only stop spam from coming in, but also prevent your own computers from being used to send spam out.
  • Sender Genotype technology that spots when spammers attempt to connect to your network and prevents spam from being sent—so it doesn’t clog up your network.
  • User Portal that allows employees to get access to their mail quarantine and blacklist or whitelist emails without the help of an administrator.

Why Sophos Anti-Spam?

The battle against spam is ongoing. Spammers never rest and neither do we. Sophos Anti-Spam tackles today's spamming techniques while SophosLabs analysts solve the problems that face us tomorrow. That's why we offer the highest detection and lowest false positive rates. We can scan millions of messages per day for multiple domains and stop spam before it is delivered. Inboxes stay clean, employees work more efficiently and you can focus on the business.