Mobile Security and BYOD

Many organizations would like to allow the use of personal devices. But a secure BYOD strategy goes way beyond mobile device management (MDM) alone. You need to make sure devices are not breaching your policies. You also have to consider the implications of an increased number of devices accessing your network.

Our products will help you:

  • Enforce your security policies for corporate and employee-owned devices
  • Block access to company resources for non-compliant devices
  • Give your users the apps they need to do their job while blocking others
  • Provide secure mobile access to company resources
  • Stop personal devices and apps from slowing down your business
  • Protect your mobile devices from malware and other threats
  • Embrace BYOD to make your organization a more attractive place to work

Why Sophos for BYOD?

Our intuitive solutions support the diversity of devices and platforms accessing your network today. We focus on making BYOD simple to relieve the burden on your IT department. And we don’t just protect your smartphones and tablets. We cover all the devices a user might have and ensure that your network can handle them. So you keep your workers productive, protected and connected—wherever they are.