Offering complete protection against today’s threats, a single agent from Sophos detects malware, adware, suspicious files and behavior, and unauthorized software without slowing down the machine or impacting user productivity. Updates are small and frequent, and Sophos Antivirus is integrated with our endpoint and network protection to give you complete security.

Sophos Antivirus provides the following capabilities:

  • Protection against zero-day threats prevents systems from becoming infected by new and emerging malware
  • Small foot-print does not impact network bandwidth or consume local resources
  • Live protection provides real time protection between updates.
  • Frequent and automatic updates ensure systems are always up to date with the latest antivirus information

An easy to deploy and easier to manage single and light-weight agent scans for viruses and controls applications, devices, data and web access minimizing the network impact and and decreasing deployment complexity.

Why Sophos Antivirus?

The way your business uses technology is changing. We stay on top of these changes to keep you protected today and into the future.. We constantly fine-tune our protection with both preventative and reactive techniques to simplify our solution so that you have complete visibility, control and protection for your business and your data.