Adnexia Healthcare

11 May 2012

“The time savings has been amazing. When I conducted a billing system upgrade on all systems I did it from home and it only took about ten minutes.”
Kevin Barnes, IT support

Business Challenge

  • Kevin Barnes delivered IT support for his wife’s medical practice, conducting system back-ups from his home office using Go To My PC.
  • The move towards EMR and the addition of two branch offices meant that continuing in this way would be both costly and very time consuming.

Technology solution

  • Adnexia Healthcare purchased a Sophos UTM 120 hardware unit for the main medical office and a Sophos RED at each of the remote sites and the home office.

Business results

  • What used to take thirty to forty minutes to complete now takes Kevin Barnes five to ten minutes.
  • Additionally, being able to instantly connect to the network through the RED device from home removed all latency issues as well as the need to travel to the branch offices for IT support. Delivering significant time savings.