Sophos Firewall Manager

Powerful centralized management for all your XG Firewalls… made simple.

Centrally Manage all Your XG Firewalls

Whether you’re managing a few firewalls or a few hundred, Sophos Firewall Manager makes your job a lot easier.

  • Add new firewalls with just a few clicks
  • Manage all policies and settings from a single pane of glass
  • Ensure consistent protection across your entire estate
  • At-a-glance monitoring of network and device health
  • Customizable alerts and warning thresholds
  • Role-based admin with change control and logging
  • Flexible deployment options (software or virtual)

Comprehensive Management Made Simple

Sophos Firewall Manager offers a consistent user experience with XG Firewall’s on-box management, and streamlines new device setup and ongoing administration, saving you valuable time and money:

  • Add new devices easily with the enrollment wizard
  • Create reusable configuration templates to setup new firewalls quickly
  • Ensure consistent policy deployment across your entire estate
  • Manage backups and firmware updates collectively

Insightful Monitoring, Relevant Alerting

Monitor the health of your managed devices, including their security, resources, availability, and licensing status all from the central dashboard.

Utilize a variety of views to focus on just what’s important and adjust threshold values for monitoring parameters based on your specific business needs.

You can configure alerts to get notifications on a broad range of events. And thresholds are customizable, ensuring you only get alerted when it’s important

Flexible Deployment and Administration

Sophos Firewall Manager adapts easily to the way you want to manage your network:

  • Deploy using a software or virtual appliance.
  • Take advantage of role-based administrative options to delegate access and duties to different members of your team.
  • Change control and logging makes it easy to roll-back or discard unwanted changes.


Whether you're an MSP, enterprise network security admin, or simply managing a few small offices, Sophos Firewall Manager simplifies security management enabling consistent enforcement, easy provisioning of new policies, and at-a-glance monitoring of device health. Sophos Firewall Manager saves you time and money and makes management simpler.