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Intercept X

Anti-malware. Anti-exploit. Root cause analysis. Next-gen protection against ransomware and malicious attacks.

XG Firewall

Next-generation firewall protection for your network, users, and applications

Sophos Central

One unified console for all your Sophos products. Monitor activity and deploy policies for all your users.

Endpoint Protection

Proven protection for laptops and desktops for Windows, Mac, Linux, or virtual; on premise or cloud-managed.

Sophos Clean

Lightweight, second-opinion scanner for malware, working alongside your existing antivirus protection.


Our fully-featured network firewall, with email protection, web control, IPS, secure VPN, Wi-Fi, and Web Application Firewall.

Secure Wi-Fi

Manage your Wi-Fi from Sophos Central. Simple, plug and play deployment for our full range of access points.

Sophos Web Appliance

Protect every user on every device, everywhere, with simple deployment, management, and support.

Secure Email Gateway

Block spam and phishing attacks at the gateway, and get unobtrusive, automatic encryption for all your email.

Mobile Control

Spend less time and effort managing and securing mobile devices with this complete EMM solution.

SafeGuard Encryption

Full-disk and file encryption for all your devices, so your data is always safe, no matter where it goes.

Server Security

Prevent and detect malware on virtual and physical servers. Protects workloads without impacting performance.

Sharepoint Security

Detect previously unseen malware, and protect sensitive data with flexible, sophisticated content filtering.

Network Storage Antivirus

Protect against known and zero-day threats. Get high reliability and performance in a lightweight scanner.


Enforce policy compliance and scan all email to eliminate 99% of spam and guard against other threats.