Sophos Showcases Complete Security at Infosecurity Europe 2012

April 23, 2012 Sophos Press Release

Sophos will showcase the latest in IT security at this year’s Infosecurity Europe 2012. Among the highlights, Sophos will launch new research carried out with Sustainable Gov into UK local government security practices. The complete security provider will also release new research into the level of malware on Mac computers.

As Sophos completes its integration of Astaro’s award-winning Unified Threat Management (UTM) offerings, the company will discuss how it is expanding the perimeter of protection to the endpoint, further strengthening its "protect everywhere" value proposition for customers.  Integrated UTM means having a single solution that further reduces the attack surface and plugs gaps that separate point solutions can create.

Visitors to the Sophos stand will hear about what's new in network, mobile and endpoint security, and see Sophos's complete security offering, including industry-first cloud encryption and integrated Endpoint and Gateway solutions.

Additional highlights include:

The money behind the malware

An in-depth look into the economics of the cybercrime underground, exploring the different players involved, how they make and transfer their ill-gotten gains to their lairs and what we can do to protect ourselves and thwart their attacks.  

Why most network security = sucktacular

A presentation showing some of the common network security failures and live demos of how the hackers exploit them.  See what the bad guys do and why many businesses are still dealing with 1990s-era security issues.

Anatomy of an Attack with malware demo

Back by popular demand.  What the bad guys are up to with live demos from the eyes of the hacker.  See their crime packs, data-stealing malware and web hacking tools in action and learn how to defend your networks.

Cyber threat landscape

Malware fighters from SophosLabs share an insider's knowledge about the latest threats.  Which threats are most common and how do they work?  What threats are prevalent in the UK and the rest of the world?

Debunking security's top 10 urban myths

With the rise in high-profile attacks, we are better educated than ever about the security mistakes organisations around the world are making, often due to outdated or incorrect application of IT security policy. This talk will explain the top 10 mistakes and the myths that inform them.