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February 2010

Scareware lurks behind websites claiming to contain video footage of death

25 Feb 2010

Sophos Security and Data Protection to be offered on Lenovo PCs

24 Feb 2010

Hackers recruiting hijacked accounts to launch cybercrime campaigns.

24 Feb 2010

Almost 100 organizations warned that they have accidentally placed sensitive customer and employee information in the public domain.

23 Feb 2010

Honored as one of the industry's top channel executive influencers for the second consecutive year.

22 Feb 2010

Thousands of accounts compromised by hackers creating Web 2.0 botnet.

22 Feb 2010

European Internet Explorer users invited to choose another browser.

19 Feb 2010

Richards will assume responsibility for ensuring the company’s IT services and strategy are aligned with Sophos’s growth expectations.

03 Feb 2010

US and UK among the top 10 countries hosting the most infected webpages.

03 Feb 2010

Sophos publishes 2010 security report, revealing alarming rise in malware attacks on social networks.

01 Feb 2010