Sophos CEO speaks to Forbes

September 30, 2009 Sophos Press Release
 Munford Portrait

Sophos CEO Steve Munford

BOSTON -- In mid-September, 2009, Sophos CEO Steve Munford sat down with Taylor Buley, technology reporter at Forbes to discuss how implementing the right corporate policies can help CIOs say "yes" to new applications, devices, and mobility demands that add value to their business.

Munford explains that when speaking with CIOs this year, many of them said that they are facing a growing list of demands from business constituents looking to expand and streamline business by increasing mobility and adding new devices and applications.

CIOs really want to say "yes", according to Munford. However, they know far too well that the security landscape has become increasingly sophisticated, and security and data protection technologies are often costly, complex, and time consuming to manage not to mention that employees are inundated with restrictions.

Munford explains that although implementing security measures are critical, businesses must also treat employees as part of the solution, rather than as part of the problem. Setting security policies is more effective than having a network that is so buttoned down that it actually alienates them. Examples are plentiful. In fact, Sophos recently thwarted a potential security threat thanks to an employee who followed the company's corporate security policies. The power of setting corporate policies can make a significant difference in safeguarding company information and overall network security.

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