Sophos releases new SafeGuard Enterprise solution

Sophos Press Release

Further simplifies encryption deployment, improves IT efficiency and end-user productivity while maximizing data protection

IT security and data protection vendor Sophos today announced the availability of SafeGuard Enterprise 5.40, the latest multi-layered, centrally managed endpoint data security encryption and data leakage prevention (DLP) solution designed to protect desktops, laptops, PDAs, removable media and other portable devices. In collaboration with customers, Sophos developed and delivered the new Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise 5.40, offering best-in-class handling of removable media encryption with enhanced usability, improved IT efficiency with hardware robustness and stability for reliable deployments and the best data protection for mobile or fixed computing devices and storage media available to date.

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise has established itself in the market as an effective, easy-to-maintain solution for securing data on mobile and fixed computing devices, on removable media, servers and in emails.

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise 5.40 new benefits highlights:

Best-in-class removable media encryption

  • Sophos incorporated customer feedback and made many enhancements to the Data Exchange module for removable media encryption that results in unmatched security and flexibility. Among the many notable features is a new single sign-on passphrase that allows access to all encrypted files on a removable device, and portability for offline users, regardless of the key used for encryption. Flexible policy controls allow both basic transparent encryption and advanced user options for easy file-sharing within groups. Customer data is effectively secured against both internal and external threats while your end-users enjoy secure productivity.

Enhanced data protection

  • Enhanced Configuration Protection module provides for file blocking based on file-types during read/write from portable media ensuring better control over confidential data. Customized data loss prevention rule sets can be applied without having to entirely block or allow devices, improving user productivity.
  • Used in conjunction with Sophos SafeGuard LAN Crypt, provides superior, multi-layered security allowing customers to extend the protection of confidential data onto file servers and network shares.

Improved IT efficiency

  • New Local Self Help options let standalone users recover from forgotten passwords without any helpdesk interaction. This lowers helpdesk costs and provides business continuity when no phone/web connection to the helpdesk is available.
  • Faster, more efficient management of multiple tenants in service-provider type environments from a single console
  • The latest versions of Windows Vista and SQL Server 2008 are now officially supported, including large scale scenarios that involve database replication.
  • Enhanced hardware compatibility and robustness during install and operation. The new feature provides automated hardware/BIOS type detection and intelligent application of encryption settings optimized for the hardware. This ensures a smooth client rollout process for IT, reducing time spent on deployment.

"Sophos consistently strives to surpass customer expectations when it comes to delivering effective, easy to sustain encryption technology even in the most complex environments," said Nagraj Seshadri, senior product marketing manager at Sophos. "With this latest Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise offering, customers will continue to receive maximum data protection with encryption and DLP - it will be easier for them to deploy and manage, allowing their end-users to go about their business safely and uninterrupted."

As with every Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise release, additional enhancements, including multi-tenancy aware management center, the option to host two encrypted Windows systems on the same machine, a feature-enhanced Configuration Protection module are included in the latest offering. Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise also offers support for the latest platforms, including Windows Vista SP2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Industry recognition

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise enables businesses to effectively protect their confidential information and aids in their compliance to regulatory mandates. The product provides comprehensive data protection in mixed device environments as well as consistent implementation and enforcement of company-wide security policies. End users gain secure productivity with Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise's advanced key management. Additionally, Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise's modular, scalable and open architecture allows for seamless integration of current and future modules, and third-party products, assuring continuous investment protection.

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