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June 2009

Spammers use King of Pop's death to harvest email addresses.

26 Jun 2009

Sophos Web Security and Control declared the winner of the British Columbia Technology Industry Association’s (BCTIA) 2009 Technology Impact Awards.

23 Jun 2009

Security called into question as Sophos encourages users to keep personal information off the net.

23 Jun 2009

Beware the flirtatious MSN chat - you could be talking to a robot!

22 Jun 2009

iPhone and iPod Touch users urged to update to version 3.0 to ensure internet browsing security.

18 Jun 2009

Cligs service suffers from hack attack.

16 Jun 2009

More Mac OS X malware discovered.

11 Jun 2009

Munford discusses Sophos’s success in the security and data protection market.

10 Jun 2009

Find out why Conficker caused havoc for businesses and learn how to avoid it from happening again.

08 Jun 2009

Political supporters likely to see red.

05 Jun 2009

Billings for fiscal year 2009 totaled $270.9 million, a 27% increase from $213.9 million in fiscal 2008.

03 Jun 2009

Reduces complexities in how customers manage data loss concerns and data-specific compliance requirements.

02 Jun 2009

Michael Fabricant's account used to spam 1500 friends.

01 Jun 2009