Sophos announces partnership with Russian search engine Yandex

May 29, 2009 Sophos Press Release

IT security and control firm Sophos today announced a new partnership with leading Russian search engine Yandex which will notify users of the Russian search engine if they encounter infected webpages among search results.

Yandex is Russia's largest internet company, with more than 12 million users from Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Yandex will use Sophos Anti-Virus Interface, Sophos's standalone virus detection engine, to scan webpages for malicious content.

As malware attacks continue to focus on infecting innocent web pages, Yandex can now notify its users of any malicious pages to help avoid the spread of infection.

Yandex is also providing additional services for its customers including the option for webmasters to sign up to a facility that allows them to monitor the current status of the site and will provide details about any malware detected. Sophos currently finds one new infected webpage every four and a half seconds and with greater visibility into Russian internet behaviour, this figure is likely to rise.

"This partnership is mutually beneficial for both companies and their customers," said Arthur Robinson, EMEA Strategic Account Manager at Sophos. "Not only is Sophos protecting Yandex's users from visiting infected sites, but the information that is sent back to Sophos will be used to improve our products, enhancing the level of protection for our customers."

Sophos Anti-Virus Interface™ enables users of a wide range of standalone industry-standard applications to benefit from high-speed integration with the Sophos virus detection engine, seamlessly protecting business networks from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and adware.

About Yandex

Yandex is Russia's largest internet company, whose websites attract a workday audience of more than 12 million users from Russia, Ukraine and other countries. Yandex's major goal is to give answers to users' questions.