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May 2009

Sophos partners with leading Russian search engine Yandex to notify users of infected webpages among search results.

29 May 2009

Sophos has organised a free seminar at its UK headquarters in Abingdon where security experts will talk about the latest security threats including a live malware demo.

27 May 2009

Industry veteran honoured for individual excellence in information security.

26 May 2009

Wossy reveals personal email address, tries to delete - but Twitter still makes it available.

19 May 2009

Customer group to share opinion, expertise, and experience to help drive direction of Sophos Security and Data Control solutions and services.

12 May 2009

Paul Ducklin to demonstrate a "Live Malware Attack" for Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory course.

06 May 2009

Sophos advises Twitter to improve its security.

01 May 2009