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June 2008

The WS1000 was selected by the CRN Test Center as the top pick.

30 Jun 2008

Worm author confesses after FBI investigation.

30 Jun 2008

Independent test gives 5 out of 5 stars for ease of use, protection, support, documentation and value.

27 Jun 2008

Sophos is warning computer users of the importance of scanning all web traffic for malware following the discovery that webpages of popular tennis websites have been infected.

26 Jun 2008

An Aberdeen Group survey of senior-level enterprise executives demonstrated that organizations with top performance in data protection see 92 percent fewer data loss incidents than average.

24 Jun 2008

SophosLabs have issued a warning advising Apple Mac users to ensure they are taking sufficient precautions to safeguard their computers, as a new Trojan horse for the Mac OS X platform is discovered.

23 Jun 2008

Malicious campaign claims another earthquake has hit China, upsetting Olympic game plans.

19 Jun 2008

Sophos is reminding organizations of the risks of data loss and identity theft following news that six laptops, containing personal information about 20,000 NHS patients, have been stolen from St George’s Hospital in Tooting, London.

18 Jun 2008

The test ran for 40 days and collected information from over 580 PCs worldwide.

18 Jun 2008

Sophos assisted the UK's Metropolitan Police Computer Crime Unit in bringing a case against Robert Matthew Bentley.

12 Jun 2008

Windows users at risk from security vulnerabilities.

11 Jun 2008

IT security and control firm Sophos today reports results ahead of analyst expectations for the fiscal year ended 31 March 2008.

09 Jun 2008

Independent test gives 5 out of 5 stars for ease of use, protection, support and value.

06 Jun 2008

Cox Group signs deal for new Endpoint, Email, Web and Network security and control solutions from Sophos.

05 Jun 2008

National E-security Awareness Week.

05 Jun 2008

Virus Bulletin confirms Sophos's "top notch" detection rates on Ubuntu

04 Jun 2008

6th annual Stevie Awards to be presented on June 12 in New York City.

02 Jun 2008

Miss Scarborough has £10,000 stolen from her bank account by phishers.

02 Jun 2008