Podcast: How to surf safely amid rising web threats

May 12, 2008 Sophos Press Release
Carole Theriault
Sophos's Carole Theriault interviews web security expert Richard Baldry.

Sophos, a world leader in IT security and control, today announced that it has published a new podcast discussing the growth in web-based threats.

In the podcast, web security expert Richard Baldry is interviewed by Carole Theriault about why criminals have switched their mode of attack from email-borne threats to web-based attacks, and explains what type of methods are being employed in order to lure victims into visiting infected webpages.

As web threats become more prevalent, organizations need to consider the measures available to better protect their websites, in order to avoid costly repercussions.

"With the web now hosting an unprecedented number of threats, internet users need to understand how easy it is for criminals to infect machines and steal information or money," said Carole Theriault, host of the Sophos podcast. "The worrying trend is that more high-profile, legitimate sites are being infected - so whitelisting and blocking websites based on category is no longer a secure defence. Richard advises owners of websites what they should be doing to secure their servers and dispels misconceptions about secure HTTP connections - well worth a listen."

All Sophos podcasts are available for download at www.sophos.com/podcasts. Previous podcasts have covered topics such as image spam, phishing, Microsoft Windows Vista, corporate security policies, network access control, and rootkits.