Podcast: Think your network is protected? Think again

May 22, 2008 Sophos Press Release
John Shaw.
John Shaw discusses how corporate networks are put at risk by PCs running out-of-date security software or not being up to date with patches.

Sophos, a world leader in IT security and control, today announced that it has published a new podcast discussing how poorly configured computers pose a threat to businesses.

Sophos director of endpoint security John Shaw is interviewed by Carole Theriault about the state of security in the market, and how research shows that a large percentage of corporate computers are missing security patches or running out-of-date protection software.

In the podcast, entitled "Think your network is protected? Think again", Shaw describes Sophos's free tool that enables computer users to check if machines are a security risk, and the startling results the utility has uncovered.

About the Sophos Endpoint Assessment Test

The Endpoint Assessment Test is a free tool that scans a computer and assesses whether it is a security risk to your organization. A single scan checks that:

  • your Microsoft service pack is the current one for your operating system
  • your Microsoft patches are all up to date
  • anti-virus protection is installed, running and current
  • a personal firewall is installed and running

The Endpoint Assessment Test checks for over 600 patches, 28 anti-virus applications, and 22 firewall applications. It uses the Sophos ActiveX dissolvable agent to scan in passive "report-only" mode. Once the scan is done, the agent presents the results.

All Sophos podcasts are available for download at www.sophos.com/podcasts. Previous podcasts have covered topics such as image spam, phishing, Microsoft Windows Vista, corporate security policies, network access control, and rootkits.