SophosLabs - protecting against tomorrow's virus, spyware and spam threats today

March 06, 2008 Sophos Press Release

Sophos announced today that it has published a new white paper describing how, through the powerful integration of cross-threat expertise, automated systems and leading-edge technology, SophosLabs™ proactively safeguards businesses.

The white paper, "Protecting against tomorrow's threats today", examines the changing nature of attacks as malware authors, spammers and phishers continue to collaborate to create complex blended threats. These threats are increasingly surreptitous and low profile, mutating in hours or even minutes in an attempt to evade detection.

The paper explores the technologies that SophosLabs use to counter the mounting number of threats, including its high-capacity automated analysis tools Mentor and Genie, as well as an insight into how Sophos's acclaimed proactive Genotype Technology works.

Read the white paper now:

Recently, independent tests have shown Sophos to be superior to Symantec and McAfee at protecting proactively against zero-day malware attacks, vulnerabilities and exploits.