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March 2008

Imunizator makes bogus claims that Apple Macs have privacy problems.

28 Mar 2008

Don't fall foul to website drive-by malware on soccer ticket website.

27 Mar 2008

Victims bombarded with pop-up adverts for Viagra and pornography in a bid to sell software.

26 Mar 2008

Sophos named Overall Winner in 2008 Partner Program Guide.

25 Mar 2008

Hackers used Trojan horse to steal bank account information from unsuspecting users.

25 Mar 2008

UK network provider blocks almost 100,000 spam messages each month with ES4000.

25 Mar 2008

China Mobile apologizes for unsolicited commercial text messages sent to mobile phone owners.

20 Mar 2008

Bizarre P2P file-sharing malware displayed copyrighted anime characters while wiping movie and music files.

19 Mar 2008

4.2 million credit and debit card numbers exposed following security breach.

18 Mar 2008

With two thirds of computers non-compliant, Sophos's simple preventive approach safeguards networks, at no additional cost.

18 Mar 2008

Telford & Wrekin Council uses Sophos email appliance to protect schools from spam and malware.

17 Mar 2008

LSDigital hacker admits botnet attack against corporate computers.

14 Mar 2008

But will you notice less spam in your inbox tomorrow morning?

14 Mar 2008

White paper highlights the pitfalls of simply looking at virus detection rates.

12 Mar 2008

Seven flaws discovered in both Mac and Windows versions of Microsoft Office

12 Mar 2008

Independent comparison by confirms quality of Sophos anti-malware solution.

12 Mar 2008

Sophos stops unauthorized users and protects 7,000 desktops from cyberattack.

11 Mar 2008

Top three spam-relaying countries take a back seat when spam volume per capita is measured.

10 Mar 2008

Independent test gives 5 out of 5 stars for ease of administration, quick set-up, pro-active protection, and technical support.

06 Mar 2008

White paper examines how Sophos provides the proactive protection and rapid response that businesses need.

06 Mar 2008

Internet Industry Association reappoints Sophos Asia Pacific's managing director.

06 Mar 2008

41-year-old woman said to have earned 9.8 million dollars through scareware.

04 Mar 2008

£850,000 prize win claims bogus email.

04 Mar 2008