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December 2007

Carole Theriault and Paul Baccas discuss the rise of pump-and-dump spam.

24 Dec 2007

Mrs Claus goes wild with holiday strip show malware.

24 Dec 2007

Account holders lent bank accounts to hackers to store and transfer illegal funds.

20 Dec 2007

Data belonging to more than three million learner drivers in the UK misplaced in the US.

18 Dec 2007

Sophos was named a finalist in SC Magazine Awards program for outstanding achievement in IT security.

17 Dec 2007

Consumers keeping the spam problem alive.

15 Dec 2007

Sophos fends off competitors to improve security for 25,000 users at eleven NHS trusts.

13 Dec 2007

Sophos adds Sophos eXtensible Lists (SXL), an online look-up system that dramatically accelerates the distribution of anti-spam intelligence, to its Email Security and Control solutions portfolio.

11 Dec 2007

Sophos advises companies to consider the benefits of Network Access Control (NAC) in light of Microsoft's latest announcement that yet more critical security patches have been released.

11 Dec 2007

Computer users are reminded about the danger of internet scams following the arrest of a Lebanese man alleged to have defrauded victims out of US $10 million through email.

07 Dec 2007

Sophos and PR agency Johnson King nominated for Facebook probe.

06 Dec 2007

Sophos beats Symantec, Microsoft, McAfee and others at stopping unknown viruses and other malware.

05 Dec 2007

Top ten malware threats for November 2007 revealed.

03 Dec 2007

Take sensible steps to defend your infrastructure and critical data.

01 Dec 2007