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October 2007

Cybercriminals tempt the unwary with macabre malware.

30 Oct 2007

Graham Cluley explores the consequences of accidental data loss via email.

29 Oct 2007

Endpoint Security and Control provides centralised control for businesses upgrading to Mac OS X 10.5.

29 Oct 2007

14.8 percent of Facebook users admit to all-day loafing.

29 Oct 2007

Graham Cluley discusses how companies can achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance.

25 Oct 2007

US captures high-profile spammers, but general computer security remains worryingly lax.

24 Oct 2007

Frost & Sullivan award recognizes innovation by Sophos in areas such as customer acquisition and service strategies.

23 Oct 2007

Sophos named in Maclean’s Employers list for third year.

19 Oct 2007

The spam that goes bump in the night.

19 Oct 2007

Criminals adopt new technique in attempt to inflate share prices.

18 Oct 2007

Sophos sweeps InfoSecurity Product Guide awards for Global Product Excellence and is nominated as outstanding in multiple categories.

17 Oct 2007

Sophos welcomes move but calls for social networking site to change default privacy settings.

17 Oct 2007

Software Magazine ranks Sophos as one of the world's largest software companies.

17 Oct 2007

Complete the Aberdeen Group survey and receive two complimentary reports worth $800.

17 Oct 2007

Phishers increase the size of their nets in an attempt to hook wider variety of targets.

16 Oct 2007

Gang sent hundreds of thousands of sexually explicit emails.

15 Oct 2007

Bobbear suffers Joe Job attack.

12 Oct 2007

Another big player from Microsoft joins Sophos.

11 Oct 2007

Network Access Control helps firms protect their networks against unpatched PCs.

10 Oct 2007

Network Access Control needed to secure all desktop, mobile and guest network users.

10 Oct 2007

PC Pro conducted a product review of Sophos's endpoint offering, where it was awarded 5 stars and highlighted to be effective protection against threats on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and NetWare systems.

09 Oct 2007

Canine-loving criminals try to commit identity theft.

09 Oct 2007

Arcade games and dating websites promoted by spam emails.

05 Oct 2007

Long lost school friend lures lovelorn into malware heartbreak.

05 Oct 2007

Sophos white paper discusses the challenges of spam, information leakage and compliance.

05 Oct 2007

Facebook told to change its default privacy settings for geographic networks

02 Oct 2007

Sophos announces top ten web and email-borne malicious threats for September 2007.

01 Oct 2007