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June 2007

Hackers exploit Potter-mania as Hairy worm attempts to infect USB memory drives.

28 Jun 2007

Malicious spam posing as fake vulnerability patch leads to Trojan horse infection.

27 Jun 2007

Windows users risk being duped by animation smokescreen.

26 Jun 2007

Jury convicts two men on charges including conspiracy, money laundering, fraud and transportation of obscene materials.

26 Jun 2007

Sophos Anti-Virus Small Business Edition 2.0 declared "outright winner".

26 Jun 2007

28-year-old man apprehended in Valencia, Spain.

25 Jun 2007

Attachments deployed in attempt to manipulate German stock market.

21 Jun 2007

Single agent, single automated console for anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, host intrusion prevention and application control.

21 Jun 2007

LiarVB-A worm infects removable memory sticks.

20 Jun 2007

Phisher ordered to pay $1,002,885.58 to victims.

19 Jun 2007

Fraser Howard and Carole Theriault discuss how to defend yourself against an unknown enemy.

18 Jun 2007

Richard Wang will discuss the development of botnets at the 3rd biennial UC Davis IT Security Symposium

18 Jun 2007

Paul Ducklin, Head of Technology for Asia Pacific, will demonstrate how malware really works

15 Jun 2007

Sophos has donated 50 licences to CHI.L.D. based in Brisbane, Australia.

14 Jun 2007

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control chosen by restaurant franchise.

13 Jun 2007

"PC users must patch now," advises Sophos after publication of June 2007 security advisory by Microsoft.

13 Jun 2007

Legitimate web pages taken over by cybercriminals to promote child pornography.

12 Jun 2007

Independent comparative testing body confirms quality of Sophos gateway solution.

07 Jun 2007

Independent comparative testing body confirms quality of Sophos solution.

07 Jun 2007

Julie Amero has defense request granted.

06 Jun 2007

Bogus offer claims forwarding chain letter will glean hundreds of pounds in vouchers.

06 Jun 2007

Sophos to provide centrally managed Network Access Control, anti-virus and firewall protection to company that is synonymous with innovation.

05 Jun 2007

Independent comparative test in June 2007 edition of Virus Bulletin confirms quality of Sophos solution.

04 Jun 2007

Robert Soloway accused of sending millions of junk emails.

01 Jun 2007

Sophos has revealed the most prevalent malware threats causing problems for computer users around the world during May 2007.

01 Jun 2007