PC Pro recommends Sophos Security Suite SBE 2.0

May 01, 2007 Sophos Press Release
PC Pro Recommended Award
Sophos Security Suite was praised in the review, and given the PC Pro Recommended Award.

Sophos Security Suite, Sophos's integrated protection solution for small businesses, incorporating a firewall, spyware, virus and spam protection, has won the prestigious "PC Pro Recommended Award" in a test conducted by the magazine.

In its April 2007 edition PC Pro reviewed Sophos Security Suite Small Business Edition 2.0, finding it detected all the viruses and Trojan horses it was tested against, both as direct downloads from websites and as email attachments.

The review also praised the product's easy installation and simple configuration.

Sophos Security Suite provides all-in-one protection against viruses, hackers and spam. Combining anti-virus, firewall and email security, the product reduces the cost of protecting your Windows and Mac file servers, computers, laptops and Microsoft Exchange email servers.

"[Sophos Security Suite is] an effective all-in-one solution that provides protection for small businesses from hackers, adware and viruses," concluded the review giving Sophos an impressive 5 out of 6 score overall. "With this dependable performance and comprehensive reporting, Sophos Security Suite Small Business Edition 2.0 offers a tempting package to keep viruses off your corporate network."