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May 2007

26-year-old man charged with possession of child pornography.

31 May 2007

Sophos rewards successful business partners at UK Partner Conference 2007.

30 May 2007

Angling may be over for the year down-under, but the phishers are active.

29 May 2007

Hackers exploit interest in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

25 May 2007

24-hour blog is written by SophosLabs threat researchers.

24 May 2007

Worm targets Windows, Mac and Linux computers - but poses low threat.

21 May 2007

Email claims that credit cards will be charged AU $850.

18 May 2007

Marlborough Boys’ College has deployed Sophos's integrated endpoint and email security solutions across every server, desktop and email gateway.

18 May 2007

Exploits and rootkits explored in live demonstration.

17 May 2007

Carole Theriault and Gurusamy Sarathy discuss the benefits of managed appliances, and whether they mean the end to desktop security.

17 May 2007

35% of computers run at least one illegal program.

16 May 2007

Consumers urged to boycott companies who try and sell them goods via unwanted email.

10 May 2007

Corporations switch to Sophos, as integrated products demonstrate benefits of security and control.

09 May 2007

Pinochet emails should be taken with a pinch of salt, advises Sophos.

08 May 2007

Sophos deepens its North American footprint.

08 May 2007

Spammers promote online prostitute finder.

08 May 2007

Sophos warns of worms lurking on removable drives.

04 May 2007

Sophos announces top ten web and email-borne threats reported in April 2007.

02 May 2007

Hackers spread Trojan horse via mix of email and web.

01 May 2007

Independent test confirms the quality of Sophos's small business solution.

01 May 2007