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April 2007

Online digital currency investigated by US Secret Service.

30 Apr 2007

New scheme bolsters delivery of real and measurable benefits to Sophos's channel partners.

24 Apr 2007

Number of new Trojan horses, viruses and worms more than doubles.

24 Apr 2007

Sophos continues to displace McAfee as the fourth largest school district in the US makes the switch.

23 Apr 2007

Cybercriminals look to capitalize on headline news about shootings.

19 Apr 2007

Experts discuss the latest threats, and how to secure businesses from attack.

18 Apr 2007

Sophos welcomes banks tightening online security, but users warned of continuing risks.

18 Apr 2007

Hackers attack unpatched flaw in Microsoft code to penetrate business servers.

17 Apr 2007

Instant messaging worm underlines importance of security and control.

16 Apr 2007

Porn star Jenna Jameson's name also besmirched by malware authors.

12 Apr 2007

Poles poll third highest as UK avoids chart for first quarter of 2007.

11 Apr 2007

"PC users must patch now," advises Sophos.

10 Apr 2007

Conversion to 100 percent channel model occurs as company kicks off new fiscal year.

09 Apr 2007

Sophos poll reveals IT community split on appropriate sentence.

05 Apr 2007

Gang said to have forwarded stolen money to Russia and Latvia.

04 Apr 2007

Computer users must patch against toxic flaw now.

04 Apr 2007

Emergency update protects against zero day ANI file bug.

04 Apr 2007

Sophos comments on verdict.

03 Apr 2007

Comparative test in Virus Bulletin's April 2007 edition confirms quality of Sophos solution.

02 Apr 2007

Microsoft to release out-of-cycle patch against zero day vulnerability.

02 Apr 2007

Sophos announces top ten threats and hoaxes reported in March 2007.

02 Apr 2007