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26 Mar 2007

Growth of web-based threats explored in Sophos podcast

Carole Theriault and Marc Borbas discuss how malware exploits the web to infect computer users

Carole Theriault
Sophos's Carole Theriault interviews web security expert Marc Borbas.

Sophos, a world leader in IT security and control, today announced that it has published a new podcast discussing the growth in web-based threats and how companies can best protect against them.

In the podcast, web security expert Marc Borbas is interviewed by Carole Theriault about the ways in which cybercrimals are taking advantage of the worldwide web to spread threats (such as drive-by downloaders), and explores how businesses can defend themselves.

The podcast also explores how sites which would normally be considered "safe" can be compromised by malware.

"It's a mistake to think that you can only catch malware if you're surfing for porn. This podcast reveals that perfectly legitimate websites have been hacked or had malware planted on them by cybercriminals," said Carole Theriault, host of the Sophos podcast. "Hackers are turning away from using email as the primary method of infecting computer users, and more and more are choosing the web to be the new battleground. Users need to be educated about how to surf more safely, and companies need to put the right defenses in place to protect against attacks."

All Sophos podcasts are available for download at Previous podcasts have covered topics such as image spam, phishing, Microsoft Windows Vista, corporate security policies, network access control, and rootkits.

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