Have your say: Do you stop guests from infecting your network?

March 13, 2007 Sophos Press Release

Does your business network run the risk of rogue, guest, non-compliant, or infected PCs compromising your network?

Can you be sure that when a traveling salesman visits your office that the laptop he is plugging into your network is patched against the latest vulnerabilities, and running an up-to-date anti-virus?

Do visitors and contractors ask for internet access so they can download files they wish to share with you, and do they have access to other parts of your network at the same time?

By implementing Network Access Control (NAC) you reduce the risk of rogue, guest, non-compliant, or infected systems compromising your network. A NAC solution gives you a framework to ensure that only correctly secured computers gain network access.

Fixed, mobile, wired or wireless computers connecting to the network can be detected and managed suitably with NAC in place. If operating systems are unpatched, personal firewalls are turned off, or unauthorized applications are being used, access to your network can be denied.

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