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March 2007

Largest credit card heist in history steals information from high street shoppers.

30 Mar 2007

Windows Vista users not immune from security hole.

30 Mar 2007

Beware email which claims to come from Microsoft.

30 Mar 2007

Drug store spammers "joe job" innocent websites in an attempt to avoid spam filters.

29 Mar 2007

Spam spreads bogus investment advice to German internet users.

28 Mar 2007

Leading global provider of enterprise software solutions opts for Sophos multi-tier defense.

26 Mar 2007

Carole Theriault and Marc Borbas discuss how malware exploits the web to infect computer users.

26 Mar 2007

Hardcore adult emails can lead to infection

26 Mar 2007

Marcia Bergeron died after taking pills she had bought online.

22 Mar 2007

At-Bristol deploys comprehensive gateway and endpoint security solution, including new Sophos web appliance.

21 Mar 2007

Companies advised to enforce policies over access to social networking websites.

20 Mar 2007

Unguarded message boards make easy pickings for spammers.

20 Mar 2007

UK chapter of ISSA educated about latest malware and spam threats.

19 Mar 2007

Online games and virtual worlds can reduce office productivity and may present a security risk in real life.

14 Mar 2007

Does your business network run the risk of rogue, guest, non-compliant, or infected PCs compromising your network?

13 Mar 2007

American users advised to take advantage of daylight saving change to double-check their PC security.

09 Mar 2007

Spam spread bogus investment advice.

08 Mar 2007

Celebrities amongst those said to have had information stolen.

08 Mar 2007

Thousands of users benefit from combined software and hardware approach to malware protection.

06 Mar 2007

Slimming pills bought online can be dangerous for internet users.

05 Mar 2007

Independent test confirms the quality of Sophos's small business solution.

05 Mar 2007

Companies urged to patch to protect against Froot worm.

01 Mar 2007

Sophos announces top ten threats and hoaxes reported in February 2007.

01 Mar 2007