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14 Dec 2006

Prolog combats spam and fights viruses with Sophos's email security appliance

Prolog is defending itself against spam and viruses with the Sophos ES4000 email appliance

Sophos, a world leader in IT security, today announced that Prolog, one of the UK's leading providers of outsourced marketing support services and supply chain logistics, has chosen to defend its 13 sites with Sophos's ES4000 email security appliance. Prolog will protect its 1,000 employees with a combined gateway and desktop solution, following growing concern over levels of spam.

Prolog says it was facing a major business problem, with employees receiving an increasing number of spam emails each day. With the issue affecting employees throughout the company up to director level, the company decided to move to an integrated anti-spam and anti-virus solution.

"Various aspects of our business rely heavily on email communication but we were being swamped with spam and overloading the email server in its battle with virus prevention," said Les Houghton, IT services manager at Prolog. "Sophos's email security appliance has been easy to manage and since we installed it two months ago, end users have noticed a massive reduction in spam and no virus incidents. Not only has Sophos solved our spam and virus problem, we have managed to do it with a cost-effective solution."

According to Les Houghton, Prolog received 24,000 emails per day on average, of which 17,500 were spam. Since deploying the Sophos solution, a staggering 976,000 spam emails have been quarantined, and 6,673 virus-infected emails correctly identified and removed.

"Like many organizations Prolog was being plagued by an influx of spam, potentially clogging networks and driving malware threats into the business environment," said Stuart Small, UK sales and marketing director at Sophos. "All companies can benefit from Sophos's integrated solution at the gateway and desktop and see similar instant results against spam and virus attacks."

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