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August 2006

Malware attack steals tricks from image spammers.

30 Aug 2006

Gang received more than $100,000 by planting adware on infected PCs.

29 Aug 2006

Bogus email lures users into opening malicious attachment.

29 Aug 2006

Fraser Howard joins Sophos from McAfee.

29 Aug 2006

Vanja Svajcer reveals what rootkits are, and how to protect against them.

24 Aug 2006

A spammed-out email attempts to steal information from users of iFriends.

24 Aug 2006

19-year old Daniel Lennon receives curfew sentence after bombarding his former employer with five million emails.

23 Aug 2006

Over 50 percent of business users say rootkits are a problem.

23 Aug 2006

The Dloader-AMA Trojan horse has been spammed out via email.

23 Aug 2006

Sophos has been nominated for an award at one of 2006's most prestigious and respected industry events.

22 Aug 2006

Agent-CPK email claims that user's email address has been found on child abuse website.

22 Aug 2006

Spam emails claim to come from pretty women, wanting to make contact.

22 Aug 2006

Jeffrey and Janette Stone accused of artificially inflating stock prices via spam for large profits.

21 Aug 2006

20-year-old alleged to have sold bogus websites to identity thieves.

18 Aug 2006

Malicious emails spammed to Italian internet accounts.

16 Aug 2006

Companies urged to roll-out security patch as a matter of priority.

13 Aug 2006

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox is charging two companies with breaking a law against sending unsolicited email about inappropriate topics to children.

11 Aug 2006

Nine vulnerabilities described as critical.

08 Aug 2006

Sophos warns users to be wary of unsolicited emails as email scammer poses as dying KGB agent.

07 Aug 2006

Man believed to have run a 419 email scam gang operating from The Netherlands.

07 Aug 2006

Memory corruption software flaw could leave door open for wireless worm.

02 Aug 2006

Independent test confirms quality of Sophos's anti-malware solution.

01 Aug 2006

Sophos integrates its PureMessage solution with ZixCorp Email Encryption Service for best of breed network protection.

01 Aug 2006