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July 2006

Users urged not to fall into false sense of security as percentage of infected email plummets.

31 Jul 2006

The Dloadr-AKX Trojan horse is being distributed posing as a digital photograph.

28 Jul 2006

Keylog-HD Trojan horse displays a slideshow of potential Russian love match whilst stealing information.

28 Jul 2006

Sophos reveals that eBay and Paypal customers are targeted by 75% of all phishing emails.

27 Jul 2006

Version of Firefox released, as Sophos protects against the FireSpy Trojan horse.

27 Jul 2006

Email security appliance protects 9,000 users against computer threats.

26 Jul 2006

William Bailey, Jr, is accused of illegally accessing the membership database of the American College of Physicians.

25 Jul 2006

Sophos reveals top twelve spam relaying countries over the second quarter of 2006.

24 Jul 2006

Sophos discusses the latest malware threats, industry developments and security issues in a new series of podcasts.

20 Jul 2006

Email scammer claims to have discovered herbal drugs which can cure AIDS.

19 Jul 2006

Microsoft announces it is working on patch for critical vulnerability in PowerPoint.

18 Jul 2006

A malicious PowerPoint file exploits an unpatched vulnerability.

14 Jul 2006

Sophos hardware and software solution blocks 100,000 more malware attacks than previous solution in just three weeks.

13 Jul 2006

Hackers try to infect users while attempting a "joe job" to discredit Russian heating firm.

12 Jul 2006

Companies urged to patch quickly before hackers exploit vulnerabilities.

11 Jul 2006

A phishing email claims that the recipient has won a $500 cash prize from Google Gmail.

11 Jul 2006

A proof-of-concept virus spreads in an unusual way.

07 Jul 2006

You may know an online company's real url, but do you know their phone number?

07 Jul 2006

52% say Gary McKinnon should not be extradited.

07 Jul 2006

Malware statistics suggest it is time for home users to switch to Macs.

05 Jul 2006

Netsky-P worm continues to lead the list of top malware spread via email.

04 Jul 2006

Sophos listens to its channel partners.

04 Jul 2006

Spammed phishing emails link to bogus IRS website designed to steal social security numbers and credit card details.

04 Jul 2006

Computer users advised to be suspicious of unsolicited share-dealing advice.

04 Jul 2006

Cuebot-K instant messaging worm poses as Microsoft's anti-piracy program.

03 Jul 2006