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07 Jun 2006

Sophos integrates intrusion, adware, malware and spyware protection into single offering

Sophos Endpoint Security, managed from one console, simplifies administration

Sophos endpoint security
Sophos Endpoint Security

Sophos, a world leader in protecting businesses against computer threats, has announced the availability of its new integrated security solution, Sophos Endpoint Security. Protecting the desktops, laptops and servers of mid- to large-sized organizations from intrusion, as well as blocking known and unknown malware, spyware and adware, it can manage dozens to tens of thousands of clients from a single console.

Sophos Endpoint Security features Sophos Anti-Virus 6.0, which has been enhanced to protect Windows systems against adware and potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), as well as viruses and spyware. In a recent Sophos web poll of more than 300 business PC users, 94% stated they wanted anti-virus protection to contain integrated adware protection.

This security offering also includes the Sophos Client Firewall, which stops zero-day attacks and prevents intrusion by stealthing protected computers to make them invisible to hackers. Designed for enterprise deployment, the firewall also stops internet and network worms with port blocking, while filtering and controlling unauthorized application communication.

Further bolstering Sophos Endpoint Security is the central management system, Enterprise Console 2.0, allowing administrators to deploy, manage and report on all endpoint security from a single console. By dramatically reducing security management overheads, Sophos's new Enterprise Console 2.0 ensures minimal impact on network and system resources, while simplifying IT security policy creation and enabling rapid response to emerging threats. Highly scalable, it can cater for the largest, most complex networks - facilitating the management of tens of thousands of computers. In addition, this easy-to-use console enables remote disinfection and clean-up of adware and malware.

"With the rise of blended threats, there is an increasing need for integration between individual endpoint security components in order to reduce the cost and time associated with managing point products," said Brian Burke, research manager at IDC. "Sophos's endpoint security solution simplifies the complexity associated with managing multiple security solutions, while at the same time increasing the effectiveness of protection."

New Sophos Anti-Virus 6.0 also provides enhanced end-user quarantine features that provide superior end-user control. This industry-leading security software integrates with Cisco NAC to prevent unprotected computers from joining the network, and supports 64-bit versions of Windows XP/2003. As with previous versions, Sophos Anti-Virus 6.0 also provides frequently and automatically updated protection against viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware across a wide range of operating systems.

Leading hotel chain, Kempinski Hotels is using this new version of Sophos Anti-Virus to defend its endpoints.

"This new version of Sophos Anti-Virus integrates protection against serious threats such as viruses, spyware and hackers with the ability to block of potentially unwanted code like adware," said Jan Popovic, manager, Central Systems at Kempinski Hotels. "Having central management of so many features simplifies my job of securing a complex network across multiple sites. The quarantine function is particularly well thought out, as it allows us to manage potentially unwanted applications and computer threats separately from one easy-to-use interface."

"Sophos aims to make complex security issues simple to control," said Steve Munford, CEO at Sophos. "Straightforward management and policy enforcement is key to protecting an organization - it's as important as the quality of the security software. A central management console that displays up-to-the-minute status of all machines on a network is good, but if it can also deploy, update and customise security policies, it's great."

Sophos Endpoint Security is supported by the company's unrivalled technical support, which is available 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.

About Sophos

More than 100 million users in 150 countries rely on Sophos as the best protection against complex threats and data loss. Sophos is committed to providing complete security solutions that are simple to deploy, manage, and use and that deliver the industry's lowest total cost of ownership. Sophos offers award-winning encryption, endpoint security, web, email, mobile and network security solutions backed by SophosLabs - a global network of threat intelligence centers.

Sophos is headquartered in Boston, US and Oxford, UK. More information is available at