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June 2006

Free Plasma TVs and Visa cards used as bait.

29 Jun 2006

Kukudro malware could allow hackers to gain access of infected computers.

27 Jun 2006

Suspected members of organized internet criminal gang arrested in Finland and UK.

27 Jun 2006

Sophos warns traders to be wary of pump-and-dump spammers.

26 Jun 2006

Mark Harris demonstrates the Arhiveus Trojan horse at anti-phishing conference.

21 Jun 2006

Latest addition to the Bagle worm comes in 118 different disguises.

20 Jun 2006

Emails claim that bank accounts are being closed without warning.

20 Jun 2006

Sixem-A worm lures victims with offer of picture of nude football fans.

20 Jun 2006

Stinx-W Trojan horse has many disguises.

16 Jun 2006

Scam attempts to steal money and commit identity theft.

16 Jun 2006

Mark Harris presents on developments in malware and spam.

15 Jun 2006

Eight of the patches are described as critical by Microsoft.

14 Jun 2006

Listen to Paul Ducklin in Sydney, Australia.

13 Jun 2006

No reported infections from Sophos customers.

13 Jun 2006

Graham Cluley presents at Institute of Engineering and Technology conference.

12 Jun 2006

Scam using name of Patricia Ferguson MSP attempts to steal money and commit identity theft.

07 Jun 2006

Sophos announces its new integrated security solution, Sophos Endpoint Security.

07 Jun 2006

More than 18,000 security end-users choose Sophos for "Excellence in Anti-Virus" as well as "Excellence in Security for Education".

06 Jun 2006

24-year-old admits he sent 25 million emails every day.

05 Jun 2006

Independent tests confirm quality of Sophos's anti-malware solution.

02 Jun 2006

Sophos experts reveal password used in criminal attack.

01 Jun 2006

Viruses and worms account for just 12.3% of all malware.

01 Jun 2006