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January 2006

London-based couple extradited as major industrial espionage case continues.

31 Jan 2006

Record malware reported - primarily financially motivated attacks.

31 Jan 2006

Message claims to contain CCTV picture of rapist.

27 Jan 2006

We will soon be releasing the next generation of our enterprise solutions.

27 Jan 2006

Man accused of stealing money from online bank accounts.

26 Jan 2006

Secure Computer LLC accused of spamming and using other deceptive marketing practices.

25 Jan 2006

Jivmark will be responsible for leading the strategic development of marketing activities worldwide.

25 Jan 2006

Jeanson James Ancheta profited from his attacks, making more than $61,000.

24 Jan 2006

US tops stats again but Bill Gates slips-up on death-of-spam prediction.

23 Jan 2006

Data destroying payload set to trigger on 3 February.

18 Jan 2006

Sentencing scheduled for 16 May.

18 Jan 2006

Rob Forsyth named as Managing Director, Asia Pacific.

18 Jan 2006

Email scammers ask for assistance in $15 million deal to share the spoils of war.

17 Jan 2006

Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky's name is being used by spammers hell bent on stealing money.

16 Jan 2006

Scammers prey on internet users touched by the Sago mining disaster.

13 Jan 2006

Man accused of sending millions of illegal spam emails faces prison sentence.

12 Jan 2006

As Microsoft issues critical security updates, Sophos urges computer users to take action now.

11 Jan 2006

Latest email scam poses as a winning lottery notification from Volkswagen.

10 Jan 2006

Sophos urges companies and home users to apply patch as hackers actively exploit security hole.

05 Jan 2006

An Iowa-based ISP has been awarded $11.2 billion in a judgment against a Florida spammer.

05 Jan 2006

Sober-Z virus reaches pandemic proportions.

05 Jan 2006

Steve Munford takes position of Chief Executive Officer.

04 Jan 2006

A serious Microsoft security vulnerability is being exploited by hackers.

04 Jan 2006