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December 2005

Happy New Year email message may disguise a malware attack.

23 Dec 2005

Charlie Crist is said to have sent unsolicited emails asking for donations for his campaign to become governor.

23 Dec 2005

A 20-year-old child porn offender has been fooled by a virus into confessing to the police.

20 Dec 2005

The CAN-SPAM Act has been in place for two years, but the United States still tops the poll of spam-relaying countries.

16 Dec 2005

Dasher-B worm downloads further code from the internet.

16 Dec 2005

BagleDl-AN and BagleDl-AO Trojan horses attempt to download further code from the internet.

15 Dec 2005

Fake Rolex watches and other luxury timepieces are being marketed via a recipe email.

15 Dec 2005

Microsoft has issued a critical security update. Sophos urges computer users to take action now.

14 Dec 2005

Over two thirds of users say security fears have made them more cautious about shopping online.

13 Dec 2005

Users urged to treat unsolicited emails with suspicion.

08 Dec 2005

Sophos reveals the top ten malware threats of 2005, in a new in-depth report into the year's most pressing security issues.

06 Dec 2005

Unpatched vulnerability can lead to malicious attack.

02 Dec 2005

Sophos joins industry initiative designed to help improve security for businesses running Microsoft operating systems.

01 Dec 2005