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26 Jul 2005

95% say anti-virus software should also stop spyware, Sophos poll reveals

Sophos's anti-virus products also protect against spyware=
Sophos's anti-virus products also protect against spyware.

A web poll of more than 1000 business PC users, conducted by Sophos, has revealed that 95% think anti-virus software should also protect computers from spyware.

Spyware, a computer program that sends information from a computer to a third party without the user's permission or knowledge, is a growing underground industry. Every month, Sophos analyses about 500 samples of code that attempt to give remote users unauthorized access to computer data - three times as many when compared to last year.

Sophos, recently accredited with 100% spyware detection by West Coast Labs, agrees that anti-virus companies should also protect users from spyware in one consolidated solution.

"Spyware is absolutely malicious in its intent, and anti-virus software should protect computer users from it just like any other malware," said Carole Theriault, security consultant at Sophos. "Reputable anti-virus companies already protect their customers from an array of malicious programs, including keylogging Trojans, botnets, diallers, worms and viruses. In stealing sensitive data, such as PINs, financial details and passwords, spyware is just as odious a malware. No one in their right mind would want this garbage lurking on their system."

Experts at Sophos have published a white paper explaining how spyware can be tackled through integrated threat management. The paper describes how spyware infiltrates and affects organizations, and how companies can best defend themselves with a consolidated solution.

Read the white paper now:

Wiping out spyware through integrated threat management

In addition to anti-virus software, companies should also consider educating its employees about exercising caution when opening attachments and when downloading and installing software; enforcing a company-wide internet policy to prevent unauthorized downloads; and installing the latest security patches to address any known software vulnerabilities.

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